An engagement ring is a clear indication that the person wearing the ring is engaged.  Engagement rings can be traced back to ancient Egyptian times when grass was braided into rings. In the second century men gave gold rings to their intended brides. In various countries around the world engagement rings are only worn by woman although many other countries it is common for engaged couples to wear matching engagement rings. There are no limits to the appearance of an engagement ring. The metal band can be made from gold, white gold, silver, platinum, titanium or even stainless steel.

Engagement rings are available in different styles and mainly have precious stones such as diamonds set in the middle more elaborate engagement rings may even include smaller gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds and rubies to surround the diamond this is done to draw the attention to the main focal point. These gemstone are available classy shapes such as pear, heart, marquise, oval and princess shapes.

Some woman and men for that matter feel that it is important that both parties wear an engagement ring to symbolise their engagement to each other. This is why it is not uncommon for jewellery stores to stock engagement rings for men in different styles. The top five styles for men’s engagement rings are:

  • Plain bands: Because of its plain masculine style it is a popular men’s engagement ring
  • Carved bands: Design carvings and subtle etchings on the band makes this style another popular engagement ring choice.
  • Two Tone bands: Just as the name implies, two tone bands are a combination of two different precious metals in one ring i.e. gold and platinum or plain gold and white gold.
  • Diamond Rings: Diamond rings in a man’s engagement ring are three or four small accent pieces, they may be placed either in a row or in a zigzag formation.
  • Other stone settings: Again this style uses a few small precious gems such as onyx, sapphires, rubies and emeralds that are strategically placed in the metal band. Before choosing an “other stone setting” engagement ring makes sure that it will be in line with your fiancé’s style.

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