Designer Rings

What is designer a designer ring? When you hear the term “designer rings” your mind immediately associates designer rings with expensive and extravagant pieces of jewellery that only celebrities can afford. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There are a great number of designer rings that are affordable.

Designer rings are specially designed or a specially customized jewellery design. Unlike mass production rings, designer rings in most cases are created from a single pattern. However in no way may it be implied that any or all designer rings with a designers brand are completely unique as a designer usually conceptualizes a designer piece.

Although inspiration may be derived from the classic design such as Pave, Classic Solitaire, Antique Vintage, Side Stone and Three Stone settings. Designer rings tend to move away from the classic designs and are in most cases more elaborate.

There are many different types of designer rings:

  • Designer engagement ring
  • Designer wedding rings
  • Designer dress rings
  • Designer anniversary rings

The best way to find the perfect designer ring is via the internet. The public may locate a jewellery designer’s website online and then brows through the designs that are available from that specific designer. The website may have either the designers contact information or even an order form that can be used to place orders, should one or more of the designer rings strike your fancy.

As a matter of fact if you really want a ring that is unique there are many online jewellery stores that allow you to design your own ring. However this option is quite costly because you do not only pay for the materials used (precious metals and precious stones and gems) you pay for the labour that is used to create you unique design. If you are not shopping on a budget and have an eye for design this is the ideal option for you. A ring personally designed by your loved one just for you is the most perfect way to propose or even to give as a wedding ring. It will also make a fantastic gift for an anniversary or birthday.