Diamond Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is a symbolic representation that is placed on the forth ring finger of the left hand and symbolises the promise of future marriage. In this day and age diamond engagement rings have become ever more popular amongst society as the saying goes a diamond is forever.

When buying a diamond engagement ring there are a few cardinal rules you must obey:

  • Rule 1

Go “window shopping” doing this allows you to take note and familiarise yourself with the different styles and prices of diamond engagement rings available. When you are familiar with the rings available it will be easy to set the standard to find that perfect engagement ring. Taking note of the different prices will help you determine your budget,

  • Rule 2

Extend your knowledge of the four C’s associated with diamonds:

Carat: The term carat is used to describe the actual weight of a diamond. In no way is the term carat associated with the actual size of a diamond. 200 milligrams or .2grams equals 1 carat.

Clarity: Diamond clarity refers to the visual appearance of a diamonds inclusion. Iinclusions are a form of imperfections or blemishes that may be found imperfections include tiny hairline cracks or foreign crystal materials. The size, placement and colour of these imperfections affect the clarity of the diamond a great deal.

Cut: The cut of a diamond does in no way refer to the shape of a diamond, but instead refers to the proportion, symmetry and polish of the diamond. The cut is an important factor in the quality test.

Colour: A transparent diamond with no hue that’s to say a colourless diamond are the most sought after diamonds mainly due to the fact that it allows more light refraction (i.e. it sparkles more). Diamonds of colour absorb light hence they are less brilliant than clear diamonds.

  • Rule 3

Consider the setting of the ring. The setting of a diamond is the placement of the diamond or diamonds on a piece of jewellery. There a vast number of different setting styles to choose from.

Obeying these rules is the best way to ensure that you are able to obtain the best ring that your budget will allow.