Engagement Rings for Women

Engagement rings carry a symbolic meaning with it. The roundness of the ring is symbolic of unending eternal promise of love and commitment. The engagement ring is placed on the forth finger of a woman’s left hand. This tradition is derived from the ancient Egyptians whom believed that the fourth ring finger of the left hand has a vain that runs directly to the heart.

When it comes to woman’s engagement ring a lot of care and thought should be put into every aspect. Take into consideration that being proposed to is something most women have dreamt about. It is a woman’s prerogative as to what type of ring she prefers. Some women have extravagant taste and others have simpler needs. Luckily there are a many different types of rings to suite every woman’s desires. Some of these include:

  • Pave: In a pave setting the precious stones are strategically set to create a flat surface. This setting is elegant and timeless which is why it is so popular.
  • Classic Solitaire: A simple yet gorgeous style where any shape or size jewel may be used.
  • Antique Vintage: The antique vintage style features a centre stone that can have almost any cut from a heart or a princess to a tear or an oval cut. Along with other smaller stones arranged around it. This design is for the woman that has extravagant taste.
  • Side Stone: This term is used to describe the small precious stones or gems that are found around the centre stone and along the sides of the ring itself.There isn’t a limit on the number of small gems or stones that may be used to create a dramatic effect.
  • The Three Stone: The three stone setting is beautifully classical set with three precious stones. There are of course many different options in regard to the centre and side stones. These setting are especially attractive when the centre stones or gems have a fancy cut.
  • Marquise: This cut has an elliptical shape with pointed ends.
  • Pear or Tear: This cut is a cross between a marquise and oval shape it is the cross between these two cuts that gives the diamond rings its pear or tear shape.
  • Oval: This cut has an elliptical shape but instead of pointed ends the oval shape has rounded edges.
  • Heart: This shape has many curved lobes that slope downward to form a point.
  • Princess: This cut is rectangular in shape and the profile shape has the characteristics of an inverted pyramid with bevelled sides.