Promise Rings

The common belief surrounding a promise ring is that it is given to a woman as a symbol of commitment to the relationship and may be seen as the pre-lude to a future engagement. Promise rings are usually made from an in expensive metal. Promise rings are given and worn under many circumstances for instance:

  1. Purity Promise Ring: A purity ring may be exchanged by partners in a relationship and serves as a promise to remain “pure”, that is to say maintain their virginity until their wedding night. A purity ring may also be given to a young adult, mainly a young woman, by her parents in when she takes a purity vow. Because of the religious aspect of a purity ring it will be a plain band with either crosses, praying hands or even angel wings on them.
  2. Friendship promise ring: Friendship promise rings are mostly exchanged by girlfriends to symbolize that they are now and will forever be BFF’s. In a rare occasion friendship promise rings may also be exchanged between a boy and a girl that are plutonic friends. The Friendship promise ring is mostly plain and made from an inexpensive metal.
  3. Commitment promise Ring: Commitment promise rings are commonly exchanged by a couple in a committed relationship and serves as a promise to be faithful to each other. A commitment promise ring is generally a plain band but can be made of any precious or semi-precious metal.
  4. Upgrade Promise ring: An upgrade ring is in most cases given as a less expensive alternative wedding ring. Upgrade rings have a promise attached to it that a proper ring may be purchased in the future. These promise rings have cubic zirconium gems set in a proper band.
  5. Forever Promise ring: Forever rings are generally exchanged between two people that are in a relationship and serves as a promise to be together forever. Forever bands generally appear similar to wedding bands.

Usually a promise ring was only given to a woman; however in our modern society it is not uncommon for a man to wear a promise ring. As a matter of fact most jewellery stores stock a vast number of different styles of promise rings suitable for every occasion.