Sapphire Rings

A sapphire is a gemstone that is made up from trace amounts of different elements. Copper, titanium, iron, magnesium and chromium are some of the elements responsible for giving a sapphire its colour. The enhancement of a sapphires colour is done by adding impurities via a diffusion process. Although in its purist form a sapphire has a deep blue colour sapphire may also be found in a variety of other colours such as pink, orange, yellow, green, gray, black and even colourless.

Throughout the years sapphire rings were mainly used as dress rings, however due to their increasing value and popularity sapphires have even been used alongside other precious stones in a variety of settings and rings types such as:

  • Engagement rings, the sapphire ring is thought to symbolize a faithful heart and a pure spirit making it a perfect addition to an engagement ring.
  • Wedding rings, the deep rich colour of a sapphire has been found to compliment as well as be complimented when used along with other precious stones in a setting
  • Anniversary rings, given on a couple’s 45th wedding anniversary in celebration of achieving such a remarkable milestone.
  • Birthday Ring, seeing as sapphire is the birth stone for September it may make a great birthday present to receive a ring adorned with your birthstone.

Sapphire rings can be found in any jewellery store in many different designs styles and cuts. The sapphire gem itself will compliment any precious metal that it is set in whether it is gold, platinum, silver or white gold.

Measuring a 9 on the Moh’s hardness scale, sapphire is a very hard gem, that can withstand the hard knocks, bumps and scratches that are a part of everyday life it is for this reason that they are suitable for everyday wearing.

A natural sapphires cost is determined by evaluating the gems size, cut, clarity and colour. It is thought that the most sought after and valuable sapphire is the padparadscha which is a pinkish orange sapphire. This however is inaccurate, although it may be true that the padparadscha sapphire is very rare, the natural blue sapphires are far more sought after.