White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold is an industry term used to describe gold alloys that have a white hue. To create white gold a white metal alloy must be combined with gold and then plated with rhodium (rhodium is responsible for giving white gold its silvery shine). The various properties of white gold depend on the number of metals and their proportions that are used. Metals that are commonly used include nickel, palladium, silver and manganese.

Apart from a wedding ring an engagement ring is the most important ring you will ever give so why not do it with class and style presents your loved one with a white gold engagement ring.

The beauty of a white gold engagement ring is its pure silvery white appearance. White gold is the perfect housing for various precious gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires and rubies. As a matter of fact a modern trend leans towards various gemstones being set in white gold. There are a few benefits when buying a white gold engagement ring:

  • White gold is in high demand, all the rage.
  • White gold is very strong metal and cannot be scratched or bent easily.
  • White gold compliments any skin tone.
  • White gold carries a more affordable price tag.

It is important to take proper care of your white gold engagement ring to avoid damage to the ring such as tiny hairline cracks:

  • Take care to keep your white gold ring away from corrosive chemicals such as chlorine. Contact with chloride may remove a bit of the alloy metals that are found in white gold.
  • Clean your white gold engagement ring by rinsing it under warm water at night so as to remove all the dirt collected during the day. For tougher dirt collected around the gemstone a soft baby’s toothbrush may be used to gently scrub the gemstone, doing your best to avoid the white gold band. Scrubbing the band may cause scratches on the band surface. Doing this will help your ring maintain it brilliant sparkle.
  • In the event that your white gold ring cannot be cleaned in warm water, it is best to have a jeweller steam clean it.
  • When doing rough work remove your engagement ring to avoid scratches.